Haibo Yao


Office: SSC
Phone: (228) 688-3742

Building 1021
Stennis Space Center, MS 39529

Ph.D., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Agricultural Engineering in power machinery, instrumentation and control.
Research Interest:
Remote sensing and engineering solutions for agricultural, biomedical, food safety, environmental applications, GPS and GIS, algorithm development, instrumentation. Dr. Haibo Yao is a lead scientist in the AFLAGOGGLES FOR AFLATOXIN DETECTION project for the Peanut & Mycotoxin Innovation Lab, a Feed the Future program www.pmil.caes.uga.edu

Selected PublicationsTotal Publications by Haibo Yao:  62 
Zhu, F., Yao, H., Hruska, Z., Kincaid, R., Brown, R. L., Bhatnagar, D., & Cleveland, T. E. (2016). Integration of Fluorescence and Reflectance Visible Near-Infrared (VNIR) Hyperspectral Images for Detection of Aflatoxins in Corn Kernels. Transactions of the ASABE. 59(3), 785-794. DOI:10.13031/trans.59.11365. [Document]

Hruska, Z., Yao, H., Kincaid, R., Zhu, F., Brown, R. L., & Bhatnagar, D. (2016). Evaluating the BGY Fluorescence Signal in Maize Kernels Inoculated with Various Aflatoxin-producing Fungi Using Fluorescence Hyperspectral Imaging. 9th Conference of the World Mycotoxin Forum and the XIVth IUPAC International Symposium on Mycotoxins. Winnipeg, Canada.

Yao, H. (2016). Rapid Detection of Aspergillus Flavus Infected and Aflatoxin Contaminated Corn Using Spectral Imaging. Corn Utilization & Technology Conference. St. Louis, MO.

Yao, H. (2015). Rapid Aflatoxin Contamination Detection in Maize. IITA Abuja Station, Abuja, Nigeria.

Yao, H., Hruska, Z., Kincaid, R., Brown, R., Bhatnagar, D., & Cleveland, T. (2015). Sorting Aflatoxin Contaminated Maize Kernels with Fluorescence Spectra. Book of abstracts from the 17th International Conference on Near Infrared Spectroscopy.. Foz do Iguacu, Brazil. 170.

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